A Welcome and a Welcome Back

For those of you who know me, this is probably my third blog.

You might be asking why I’ve decided to take up another residence.  Honestly?  Because it’s much better to direct someone to a domain name like this when you’re trying to show other professionals your writing style.  Rather than asking them to “check out your livejournal” or “hit me up on Facebook or MySpace”, you can give them a simple domain with one specific purpose rather than forcing people to sift through the detritus which tends to pollute places like that.

I am fairly sure that anyone interested in my writing for professional purposes could give two shits less about what I need for my collections in Mafia Wars and don’t really need to know that I found a lost cow in FarmVille.

For those of you who have been following me from my blogging infancy on LiveJournal, pushing up on a decade ago (believe it or not), I welcome you back.  I can’t promise that I’m going to start posting with the regularity and vigor with which I once had.  Things have changed since then.

When I was updating on a daily basis back in ought-one, for instance, I was busier, but could still make time at the end of the day.  One of the few advantages of part-time retail employment is not working every day from nine-to-five.  This allowed me the luxury of glorious insomnia; the ability to stay up far beyond the wee hours if I so chose due to the sheer lack of anything to do the next day, besides maybe go to a class or two and fucking around at my college radio station.  Nothing that required the devotion of being fully awake and nothing that couldn’t be sat through without the promise of an early afternoon nap upon completion.

I can promise that, when I post here, it will be of the quality which has been demonstrated throughout my career.  I can promise that I will make an effort to update this place as much as possible, maybe even dredge up some classic entries in a vain effort to archive some of my better attempts at social commentary in a more professional environment.

To those of you picking me up for the first time, welcome.  I hope you’ll stick around.  You will find my opinions honest and, usually, wordy.  Don’t let this discourage you, however.  The vocabulary only looks intimidating.  Keep reading and you might find something entertaining.

Everything from everyday happenings to social observations to reviews of music, movies, and video games will appear here.  It may not be as regular and consistent as you like, but it will be interesting when it happens.  I don’t expect you to always agree with me, but, that’s what the comment field is for.  I love comments.  I welcome debate.  I have no problem answering to any of my opinions or listening to any of yours.  You may even change my mind, though you’ll find it a tough task, as I’m rather bull-headed and tend to stick to my guns.  I’m sure, in the end, we’ll be great friends.  If not, the hell with you, stop reading my blog.

In any case, welcome to the latest iteration.  This will be my new home.  I can only hope that my baggage fits in here with everyone else’s.

Fight the good fight.

In the words of one of my writing idols:

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”


—end transmission—

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