The Suggestion Box

This is actually the first time I’ve had any sort of website, besides social networking pages, where I am actually going to make an honest effort to do something worthwhile.

I’ve had websites in the past. Poorly assembled relics from another era, back when the web was just starting to gain popularity.
With my first site, I could barely code HTML and had one eye in a book with the other on a screen. I raided other sites for .gifs that moved, making little icons appear on the page next to different links, crowding the site with garbage. I thought it looked cool. I was excited it even existed.
Websites during the early days were all pretty crude, though. Coding a site was kinda like being a little kid who’s really proud of the macaroni picture he made in art class; jumbled with pasta of all shapes and sizes, globs of white Elmer’s slovenly smacked all around a green piece of construction paper along side some crude crayon or scented marker drawings and stickers. Your mom felt obligated to put it up on the fridge, no matter how ugly she thought it was, because you were so damn proud of it. Even though the world thought it was ugly, you thought it was the best thing ever. Ah, the infancy of the internet…

The second site I created was much later in my career. I was now schooled in Photoshop enough to make my own cool graphics. I had a copy of Adobe GoLive, which was supposed to make the whole idea of site construction simple. I think I did a pretty good job, all things considered. The problem was that, even though I had designed it for a singular purpose – as an informational page for my ongoing serial, Unlucky Seven – I never added any actual meat and potatoes. There was just a contact page and a bunch of promises in the form of an ambiguous “Coming Soon…” page.
The design was cooler and sleeker and, graphically, fairly awesome. In the end, it was like storefront on a studio lot: it looks like it serves its purpose in the most grand fashion from the outside, as if it had always been there and it was a reliable and wonderful building for a decade or so. Inside, however, it’s hollow and empty and you realize that it’s just a façade.
Unlucky Seven is, of course, a very real project. Don’t get that part wrong. I just couldn’t think of what sort of information to put on that site before I was frightened off of it totally by someone reminded me that this was, after all, the internet and I had no way to prevent idea theft beyond simply stamping a copyright on the site without any proper documentation. Not sure how well that would hold up in court, but I didn’t want to take the chance.

This is the third actual site I’ve done. Of course, I didn’t do it, this whole thing is just a style sheet available for free from WordPress. And, I know, it’s not its own actual site yet, but I’m working on it. Once I get some scratch together, I plan on buying my own domain. The advantage of this gigantic blogging conglomerate over others is that I can very easily plug exactly what you’re seeing here into another domain without a problem. may not be very far away. I may have to think of something better than that, though.

The reason I’m here and not anywhere else is that this place is a little more mature, slightly more professional looking, and definitely a better address than the one I used to have. Kinda like how people want to live in Beverly Hills because it makes them feel more important. Better address, better contacts, better exposure, and less association with teenage angst. After all, this is adult angst, now.

My question to you, dear reader, is this: Looking at the site so far, what do you think? Do you like this layout? Do you have any suggestions for what I should do with it? Is there anything you think I should add? Do you not like the colors? I mean it, folks. I’m here to make this a good-looking thing to showcase my writing. Any suggestions in this the opening week would be much appreciated.
Hell, suggestions any time would be much appreciated. That’s one thing I should do. Open a suggestion box here. I think I’ll get to that right now, actually…

The real writing will be here soon, I promise, just as soon as I get this house in order.

Keep fighting the good fight.

—end transmission—

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