The Fight of the Week Page!!!

Ok, so I’ve always been obsessed with playing “who would win in a fight” and the debates which come along with it.

As an extension of this obsession, I’ve created a page off of the main blog, to be updated once a week, which will ask the question: Who would win in a fight?
I will include a scenario and some details where necessary. It’s not going to be limited to fist-fights, either. I’m sure things will get interesting.

If you have suggestions for future fights, send them to me via e-mail and I’ll do my best to schedule them.

Answer the poll question, put up a reason for your selection, and we will announce three winners: Who won the voting, who won the debate, and who won the overall fight based on the two results.
Feel free to debate the answers of others. I’d like to encourage some arguments here.

Vote and stay tuned for the debate. Check back daily to see who’s perspective you agree with and to participate in the discussion. If you like what’s going on here, GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THE BLOG!!!

—end transmission—

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