About the Author

I am J.P. Bidula and I write stuff.

I was born, raised, and still live in the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve been obsessed with video games, comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, and pretty much any other good escapist trappings since the womb (my mother was reading a lot of Stephen King during my gestation, maybe not aloud, but who knows what metaphysical forms of ingestion travel down that umbilical). I can typically be found in my armchair playing video games and watching TV simultaneously when I should be working. I am also typically sighted at bars or around firepits with one of a numerous amount of beers in my hand.

That guy you know...

That guy you know…

I am a nerd, but I consider myself something of an atypical example of the archetype. I run a blog where I typically rant about pop-culture and, occasionally, hockey. If you like those things, you should check it out. I’d post a link here but Amazon doesn’t like when HTML chocolate gets in their Plain Text peanut butter.

My first novel, Unlucky Seven, was a labor of love that took over ten years to fully refine to the point where I deemed it fit for public consumption. It is book one in a series of an undetermined number. If you read it and like it, I can promise you I won’t GRRM you out (or King you out or Rowling you out) and take half a decade for the next installment. Part two of the something-logy was actually in the works before the final editions of the first book was completed.

Originally, U7 (as abbreviated) was a 60+ chapter serial that I was writing for a few friends. I had to pare it down from the 1,000,000+ (yes, one-and-six-zeroes-plus) word monster that it used to be into the slim, trim, 27 chapter book one that you see listed today.

TOS (The Obligatory Sequel) only took a year by comparison.  Granted, it is a bit thinner, but it’s still got a lot packed into those pages.

Currently, I am taking some time to work on other projects, but I have been continuing to write the Uni7erse Shorts as they come to me, just to keep my head in the world and also to throw in some story ideas I’ve had which don’t really fit inside the larger narrative.  This site is their home though, someday, when I have enough of them, I might compile them into U7 2.5 or something.  Oh, yeah, and they all take place after TOS, so make sure you give that a read before you jump in.  Spoilers.

There’s always more to come from me and it is always entertaining.

Keep fighting the good fight.

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