The World of Axis Mundi

From Courtney Jenkins and J.P. Bidula, the team behind the Unlucky Seven series, comes a new magical universe.

Set in a hidden city in the early 20th century, Axis Mundi is the literal and figurative magical nexus for the entire world. Ever expanding, ever progressing, the city of Axis Mundi is full of adventure, art, music, and, of course, danger.

There are many tales to be told – from the lowest of its citizens to the height of politics, how does a magical society truly exist and function behind the veil of a mundane world? Having just managed to protect themselves from exposure during the First World War, the residents of the city begin to deal with a new set of internal problems beginning with a strange happening on New Years Eve. That is where our first part begins.

We hope you enjoy our new creation and look forward to your feedback!

Download The Ritual – An Axis Mundi Adventure now!

Download the second Axis Mundi Adventure – Curse of the Python – now!