The Unavoidable Addenda (Unlucky Seven 2.5)


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So, here’s the problem…

You start writing this really cool book series and people start to like it. You put out a sequel, like, a year after you release the original and people really like that, too. Then, another year goes by and your burgeoning fan base is like: “Where is the rest of this story, dude? Got any more?” And you’re like: “No… like, soon, maybe?” And, every time they see you, your fans roll their eyes and they keep coming back to say hi and you keep giving them the same answer and they’re pretty much like: “WTF, GRRM? What are you doing to us?”

Finally you start having ideas again, but none of them fit the overall narrative. Not really helpful when you are going for a book three. What’s an author to do?

They satisfy their fan base’s rabid and insatiable appetite by cramming all of these ideas into a collection of short stories and pretending that most of them were never posted for free on the internet.

No, it’s not book three, but it is canonical fun times with your favorite cast of superhero slackers doing what they do best and breaking down all of the pop-culture tropes with the twin hammers of cynicism and snark.

The Unavoidable Addenda is a series of Uni7erse Shorts (clever, right?) that take place between The Obligatory Sequel to the first Unlucky Seven novel and the forthcoming book three and addresses some of the darker aspects of the Uni7erse (it’s cool, see!) at large as well as what happens in the times between large scale adventures. It also includes FIVE never before seen brand new shorts including one by contributing author Courtney Jenkins.

Smaller scale stories, same big laughs you’re used to, totally not a cop out by the author!