Uni7erse Shorts

These are short stories set in the Uni7erse which take place after the events of The Obligatory Sequel.  There are severe spoilers contained within.  If you haven’t yet read through the second book of the series, it might be better if you didn’t hit these up just yet.

If you have made it this far in the narrative, you’ll definitely want to read this stuff.  It will be very influential on the major stories to come.

If you have a suggestion for a short (characters you would like to see more of, situations you would like explained, etc.), please let me know.  I’m very open to writing what the fans want to see.


The Multi-versal League of Jerks

Justin gets a visit from a surprising out-of-town guest and is invited to go along on a surreal adventure.

Diamonds Are For Never

Budda has what he believes to be the best idea ever.  Phalanx has his doubts.

Down with the Ship

Zoey and Justin simultaneously battle android ninjas and their feelings about romance.


Kurt struggles with the gravity – or lack thereof – of the biggest decision of his life.

The Multi-versal League of Jerks Part 2

Justin’s out-of-town visitor returns with one last plea… and a group of very familiar yet strange friends.

Power Corrupts

Josh and Lisa run into some issues on the way to help the rest of the group.

Room 2011

A terminal case in the ICU is suddenly restored to full health at the hands of an angel.


Zoey goes home and finds things quite a bit different than she left them.

The Multi-versal League of Jerks Part 3

It seems as though Justin is doomed to meet as many versions of himself as possible.

Long Time Coming

Agent Williams is having a difficult time dealing with his fate.  So is one of his former subordinates.

Island in the Sun

What ever happened to Jess and Johnny?